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MSPs Can Now Offer Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Scans Through RapidFire Tools’ PCI Compliance Module
RapidFire Tools’ partnership with an Approved Scanning Vendor lets MSPs order PCI compliant ASV scans through the Network Detective PCI Compliance module — eliminating third-party ASV involvement

ATLANTA – July 31, 2017 – RapidFire Tools, Inc., the developers of the Network Detective IT assessment tools, announces it has contracted with an ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) to offer external PCI compliance scans as part of its Network Detective PCI Compliance module. The new ASV scan allows managed service providers (MSPs) to conduct these mandatory scans for their clients in-house, without the need to contract with a third-party scanning vendor. MSPs can easily order the certified ASV scans on a quarterly basis from right inside the RapidFire Tools’ Network Detective application for a small quarterly fee, billable to the end-customer at a profitable margin, and as part of an on-going PCI compliance offering. The Network Detective solutions are a series of non-invasive modules that let MSPs generate incremental revenues, capture new business, and mitigate risks for their end-customers through network assessment services.

According to The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), any company that accepts credit card data must have external vulnerability scans performed on its network, conducted by an approved scanning vendor. Such scans analyze a network’s IP ports for vulnerabilities, documenting a business’ ability to securely transmit PCI data. Since most managed service providers are not approved scanning vendors, many have been forced to contract a separate provider to deliver the scan service. This results in extra costs for the MSP and/or his customer, and introduces an outside party into the customer relationship. RapidFire Tools’ PCI Compliance module now offers an approved vendor scan right within Network Detective, allowing MSPs to conduct these scans themselves, foregoing third-party fees or involvement. 

“PCI Compliance has been a complicated yet lucrative opportunity for the MSP community. But even the most proficient managed services provider has been required to seek outside partnerships in order to deliver a comprehensive PCI compliance program,” began Mike Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “The ability to conduct ASV external vulnerability scans without having to shop them out to a separate contractor makes a world of difference for MSPs in this vertical. They no longer have to depend upon, and compensate, a separate company—one that may effectively offer competing services. At RapidFire Tools, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to establish an ASV relationship, so our MSPs don’t have to.”

Managed services providers can download the “Blueprint for PCI Compliance” whitepaper here. Find out how network assessments can help MSPs profit from PCI Compliance services at RapidFire Tools’ PCI Compliance Module product page.

About RapidFire Tools and Network Detective

Network Detective by RapidFire Tools is the #1 non-invasive IT assessment tool used by thousands of service providers around the world. It acquires a vast amount of network data—including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities—and generates a wide array of professionally designed, completely brandable reports by the MSP. Network Detective includes a series of different IT assessment and IT compliance modules, each sold separately or in bundles through low-cost, annual subscriptions. RapidFire Tools also offers a line of software appliances that deliver deeper assessments, cybersecurity alerts, and enhanced remote automation. All products are sold with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. To learn more, visit, or call 678-323-1300, ext. 2.

Contact: Bob Vogel
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