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SOCSoter was built by industry experts who have been on the front line of some of the largest breaches in history. They have taken lessons learned from these breaches and how large enterprises secure their networks and reduced it into a cost effective suite of devices that anyone can use. Unlike some consulting firms or IT specialists where information security is a supplement to their business, SOCSoter only focuses on information security, and managed security services. This enables us to deliver the services and solutions that provide maximum protection for sensitive business information.

SOCSoter has more capabilities than those other run-of-the-mill SIEM solutions in the SMB marketplace. Since their appliance sits inside the firewall and mirrors the network traffic, SOCSoter analysts can see everything happening on the network. Because of this, they can see 3x more vulnerabilities, malicious behavior, indicators of compromise than other SIEM services.

Since SOCSoter is a full-service operations center, they can do perform full incident response, penetration testing, security audits, forensics, write policies, vulnerability scans, etc.

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