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Online Platform For Freelance Field Service Technicians Redefines Labor
Techadox enters the contingent labor market with the platform and vision necessary to innovate how field service technicians and businesses connect.

June 16, 2018 - With the launch of a newly optimized website, Techadox announces the arrival of their contingent labor platform. Techadox services a community comprised of field service technicians and businesses seeking solutions to their specialized IT projects.

Through Techadox, businesses can connect to this expansive community of talented, capable IT professionals with the means to find solutions across diverse industries. Retail, communications, healthcare, and education are just some of the fields Techadox technicians service.

Techadox is dedicated to providing the best online resources for their user community, among both businesses and field service technicians. With the company’s unique services package and deployment management, Techadox is poised to become an industry thought-leader in the contingent labor marketplace.

“The Techadox model is unique,” Kyle Buzzard, Chief Operating Officer, said. “We are the only platform that provides self-service, coordinated service, parts, and logistical support to save time and money.”

While other industry contingent labor platforms provide just the tools for businesses to find and hire freelance technicians, Techadox offers an expanded services list and boasts the most cost-effective solution in the market.

In addition to the standard self-service management, Techadox coordinates on-site arrival of technicians, works with parts suppliers, and provides logistic support and comprehensive reporting during and after the job.

With Techadox, businesses get every level of the assignment managed, dispatched, completed, and reported for them once they define the job and select a technician. The Techadox model is the only one in the market including labor and service under the same umbrella to maximize efficiency.

Field technicians gain access to case studies and exclusive training courses. In addition, financial bonuses are available for continued high performance. This cloud-based solution serves as the catalyst for Techadox to set an industry standard for what Labor as a Service™ (LaaS) truly means.

“It’s all about community at Techadox,” Buzzard said. “We’re connecting professionals to professionals. Both parties are equally important, and Techadox is dedicated to their collaborative success.”

About Techadox

The Techadox community is based on the vision of businesses and field service technicians working in perfect harmony for collaborative success. Techadox is driven by providing better connections and work output through enhanced technology, resources, and support. To learn more about Techadox, the online labor marketplace, or to hire field service technicians, please visit