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VisibilityOne Adds New Threshold Alert Control and Live Participant QoS Stream Features to its Video Conferencing Monitoring Solution
VisibilityOne takes UCC troubleshooting to another level by cutting IT support time down by nearly 90%

LOS ANGELES, CA – July 31, 2019 -- VisibilityOne is announcing the addition of two vital features to its award-winning video conferencing monitoring solution.

The new Threshold Alert Control feature enables users to set at what level they will be alerted when faults occur on several different parameters; like frame rate, jitter, packet loss, and bit rate. This functionality is available for Cisco, Poly, as well as Zoom.

VisibilityOne is also introducing in this latest release, the ability to see the Live Participant QoS Stream during a Zoom call. This powerful view, will enable users to see what part of the participants stream is the culprit (Video, Audio or the Content stream) in the degradation of a meeting. Both features are included in a subscription.

“Our users and service partners specifically requested these features so we implemented them,” said Bedikian, Co-founder & CRO at VisibilityOne. “Now VisibilityOne users have that critical information at their fingertips.”

VisibilityOne’s patented solution is helping Zoom, Poly & Cisco users like US Foods, and Managed Service Providers by delivering far deeper insights than conventional SNMP monitoring tools. Its data-rich, 360-degree view, across multiple vendors, cloud services, networks, and endpoints, provides live performance and more than 50 actionable insights into devices, applications, and the operating environment reducing MTTR by over 90%. 

“Video Conferencing and IT managers are tasked with the challenge of maintaining and supporting these new complexities, yet lack a single view of their UCC system,” said Jose De La Paz, Co-founder & CEO of VisibilityOne. “Our powerful Device Nucleus Attributes (DNA) gives IT teams the whole picture of scheduled usage, live performance, hardware health, usage history, and previous performance issues that have occurred.”

Within minutes of a simple download of the VisibilityOne Windows app, IT teams are able to monitor Polycom Group Series, Cisco SX video conferencing devices, Zoom Rooms along with VIP users; with dozens of crucial attributes visible in an intuitive web interface VisibilityOne eliminate the finger pointing and mindless scream monitoring that most collaboration support teams suffer through day in and day out. The VIP monitoring feature provides alerts regardless of where and how the very important person is connected to a Zoom conference, this insures that IT is never in the dark if things go south. 

How it works

Download and install the VisibilityOne app, which is currently supported on Microsoft Windows workstation and server operating systems. Clients only need one download per building/location. The app securely communicates with existing video conferencing equipment to gather and consolidate data. The data is then securely delivered to VisibilityOne’s cloud service and displayed via VisibilityOne’s cloud user dashboard for immediate access.

Standout features include:

  • Call disconnect reason
  • Site to site Quality of Service (QoS)
  • 24 hour meeting schedule viewer
  • Live performance statistics (network throughput, jitter, packet loss and latency)
  • Video Conference device health stats.
  • Remote reboot
  • Mic and Camera disconnect alerts
  • Video Conference device temperature alerts
  • Video device and cloud Utilization details
  • VIP user priority monitoring on cloud services
  • Device uptime
  • Management reports supporting ROI
  • Incident detail reporting

“Bottom line is that companies are drowning in a sea of IT tools and over 90% of them can replace on average, five monitoring tools with one powerful and relevant tool, which is our VisibilityOne solution,” said Bedikian, Co-founder & CRO at VisibilityOne.

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About VisibilityOne

VisibilityOne, is a patented video conferencing monitoring solution that provides real-time performance and health data across multiple vendors and cloud services so that IT teams can see actionable insights into devices, applications, and the operating environment. IT teams now have the support they need to proactively monitor their video meeting solutions, gain critical insights into their UCC, pinpoint issues and make decisions quickly all in a single, data-rich view. VisibilityOne is a recent NSCA Excellence in Product Innovation award winner. For additional information, visit


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