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Delivering the next generation of service and supply chain management. Includes indoor and outdoor event reporting, customer job-ticketing and customer / supplier follow-up workflow tools. eesyQ is a B2B mobile cloud-technology platform connecting all users, assets and service providers together, within a collaborative management system. The platform also integrates with existing ERP, CRM, job-ticketing and other enterprise systems. Instant “Chat” is available for additional information sharing and dedicated communication.

The perfect mobile collaboration tool which decentralises and automates all communication from users to suppliers, thus eliminating the need for lengthy telephone calls or expensive call centre operations or attended customer service email account.

eesyQ is a technology vendor, providing automated communication tools supported by an Asset Management, platform.  The market is addressed through specific vertical market segments, in collaboration with selected business partners and their associated sales-channels to the end user.

Features and Benefits:

Free End-User version:

  • Service or supply Requests 24/7 from anywhere
  • Full Mobile – Make requests on the go
  • No wasted time looking for suppliers’ contact data
    • no waiting, direct dispatch
    • With chat back feature 
  • Eliminates frustration
  • Any asset and any technology is compatible and easy to include.
  • Facilitate – Allowing your colleagues to focus on their core tasks
  • Organise – All supplier details in a single place, setup internal clustering, prioritisation & define user rights 
  • Focus – Consult all open tickets in just one place
  • Streamline – Facilitate efficient daily processes for your users
  • Performance All assets once inlcuded are now operational, minimizing out-of-order statuses
  • Save – Easily identify assets and/or related services. Save your employees time: 130 EUR/employee/year

End-User Premium version:

  • + Insights – Detailed KPI reports, controlling your budgets and SLA’s (per user, per asset (group), …)
  • + Visualise –Manage all business assets from easy to upload dynamic floor plans
  • + Information – Streamline the support process and achieve higher levels of compliancy for your users by adding and associating any document to any asset (safety documents, manual, warranty, etc.)

Service Provider:

  • Reduce Call Centre costs. Automate incoming customer requests reducing inbound and outbound call center exchanges.  
  • Significantly reduce ineffective service desk & field engineers time spent on issue resolution:  Save € 5000/field engineer/year.
  • Automate supply orders for non-connected assets (coffee machine, printer, …). 
  • Increase intervention speed & eliminate 25% (est.) of 2nd visits (through accurate device / asset data & direct chat back).
  • Create a unique & easy conversation with the (potential) customer.
  • Increase satisfaction levels with your customers.
  • Easy setup – By customers, enabling them to use one tool for all their business assets.
  • Use dynamic floor plans to save time during customer service interventions.
  • Connect with existing legacy systems such as CRM, job-ticketing system, ERP and CMDB
  • Governance & Compliancy – All activities are logged & time-stamped

News Releases
Jun 12, 2017

Phoenix AZ., June 12th 2017: ISN-Partners today announced that it has incorporated its expansion to North America with ISN-Partners, Inc. and appointed Gavin Williams as President effective June...

May 7, 2017

Scottsdale AZ., May 7th 2017: eesyQ enables companies to order or request service in 2 clicks via mobile or online, eesyQ also provides an intuitive and centralised job-ticket collaboration...

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