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Alveo & The INSIGHT Group Join Forces & Amplify their Impact for Services Businesses
The Firms Collectively Deliver Holistic, End-to-End Go-To-Market & Operations Strategies for Sustainable Growth

(Scottsdale, Ariz. - August 2, 2022)Alveo, the go-to-market services firm with deep experience in the IT channel, today announces its strategic partnership with The INSIGHT Group. The two companies are pairing up to help services businesses refine their go-to-market, optimize their operations and successfully scale. This partnership fills a need in the market, in which many businesses want to sell services and solutions but don’t know how to implement the business model such a transition requires. By tapping into the joint expertise of Alveo and The INSIGHT Group, mid-market to enterprise services companies can achieve end-to-end alignment and involvement across all business functions that will position them for high growth.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to be teaming up with The INSIGHT Group, a collective of some of the most highly skilled executives who have served at the world’s most successful companies,” said MJ Patent, co-founder & chief executive officer of Alveo. “Together, we deliver capabilities across the full service/solutions business model and are uniquely positioned to help clients reach significant, sustainable growth.”

Alveo has made a name for itself by fueling revenue growth through unified marketing and sales strategies, which stem from an overall business strategy. The team is experienced in helping companies know when to invest at any given point in practice maturity. For its part, The INSIGHT Group brings proven tools to implement those strategies, with a focus on maturity assessments and functional implementation - sales & delivery coverage, human resources & talent development, financial & business management and offerings development & launch. Both companies have extensive expertise working with a broad group of companies and industries, all of which have benefited greatly from their complementary capabilities.

“Separately, our organizations deliver exceptional value to our clients, but working side-by-side together takes our impact to the next level,” says Ed Petrozelli, chief executive officer of The INSIGHT Group. “We’re eager for all we’ll accomplish through this partnership, and ready to show services businesses how our seasoned experts and holistic, end-to-end approach can set them up for dramatic, long-term success.”

About Alveo
Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., Alveo offers go-to-market services specializing in the IT channel. With more than 50 years of experience, the company has worked with organizations ranging from SMB service providers to Fortune 100 IT Distributors. Alveo prides itself on building custom recommendations, aligned to its GTM Maturity ModelTM, and works to accelerate client journeys to scalable and sustainable revenue growth. For more information, please visit

Kristin Hege

About The INSIGHT  Group

The INSIGHT Group is a 'Best Practices’ services consulting firm focused on helping product and service companies implement high-growth services and solutions strategies. Our partners represent a group of experienced executives that have held senior executive services business positions across multiple industries. INSIGHT has operated for more than 25 years utilizing a predominantly “virtual office” business model. For further information check their  web site at