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ConnectBooster Announces New Billing Portal For ConnectWise Manage
New ConnectWise integration creates a single sign-on billing portal for users

FARGO, N.D. ConnectBooster announced to users they can now manage their ticketing and billing from their ConnectWise Manage screen by using their billing portal integration.

Executives from ConnectWise broke the news during IT Nation Explore on June 14th, in front of thousands of attendees. “We are incredibly pleased to share this newest version of our software, as it’s been something we have been pursuing with the ConnectWise team for some time,” said Ryan Goodman, President of ConnectBooster.

The integration creates a shared login for partners to utilize a fully automated billing portal within a single software. Instead of switching between two softwares, the integration with ConnectBooster allows users to manage their invoicing and billing all inside ConnectWise Manage.

“Both our brands are always striving for the newest way our software can create a better experience for partners, either by saving time or improving accuracy. That is what this expanded integration is about, and we are excited to continue putting our partners' needs first,” said Travis Vigneau, Director, Solution Partner Strategy for ConnectWise.

The feature is now widely available to all ConnectWise Manager users, and users can access the new integration at

About ConnectBooster: ConnectBooster is a SaaS and automated payments processing solution for channel partners. Their software is designed to help MSPs take control of their finances and connect their accounting and PSA tool. Learn more about their business at